Detective Fries, Fresno PD- Vice/Intel Unit started his Law Enforcement career with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department as a Correctional Officer in 1993. He soon desired to be a patrol officer and took a leave of absence to go to the academy. He was hired in 1995 with the Fresno Police Department where he became a street cop. He moved around to different units to include Neighborhood Police Officer, District Crime Suppression Team and then into Detectives. He worked various detective assignments until he decided to go back to patrol where the schedule allowed him to coach his children’s sports.

After a year in Patrol, David was asked to consider the Vice Unit. In 2010 he joined the Vice Unit as Detective. He spent three years in the Vice Unit focusing his efforts toward human trafficking investigations. In January of 2013, David was moved to the Intelligence Unit within the Vice Unit allowing for additional resources and contacts to be used toward human trafficking investigations. David has a heart for the victims of modern day slavery and puts his energy into helping victims escape, arresting and prosecuting the offenders and informing the civilian and faith based communities of these brutal crimes happening on their streets.

(Due to the nature of his active duty on the streets, we cannot disclose his identity.)