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Introducing the C.O.R.E. Academy 

Everyone deserves a chance to start over. For a victim of Human Trafficking, starting over can be difficult.  Survivors face innate challenges of self-worth that lead to numerous social and economic barriers.  These barriers affect their long-term stability and employability.  Many have felony’s on their record that make them unemployable, and many lack employable work experience and skill sets to advance in a career.

This is why the C.O.R.E. Academy is so necessary.

C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunity to Restore and Employ) Academy is Made For Them’s 18 month workforce re-entry program focused healing, empowering and employing victims and survivors of human trafficking, and breaking generational cycles of victimization and poverty.


When you donate to C.O.R.E., your generous gift will provide:

Pledge to restore the life of a survivor of human trafficking



We are currently in Phase 1 of C.O.R.E., with a tentative Open Date of April 2021. Phase 1 Funding allows us to start the program with the minimum people and the primary resources necessary.


Phase 2


Phase 2 funding will allow us to add two cohorts operating simultaneously. 

$950K Mid

Phase 3


Phase 3 funding allows us to add three cohorts operating simultaneously with the added staff to support the growing needs.


Phase 4


Phase 4 funding is operating the C.O.R.E. Academy at full capacity.  This will allow us to have 4 cohorts operating simultaneously, serving 156 women throughout the year. 


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