Made For Them Trainings

Education and prevention is core to our greater work.

 All of our trainings are a trauma informed, interactive learning style and asset based approach.  Educating our border community about human trafficking; the signs, symptoms and psychological affects, bringing intervention
and prevention trainings among our youth and in vulnerable groups, leaning in to culture humility and how we practice it, sharing about the effects of trauma and resiliency and wellness skills to businesses, educators and service
providers will help foster a trauma-informed and more compassionate community we all desire.  

Online Trainings & Webinars

Made For Them offers a variety of trainings and on human trafficking, the psychology of traffickers and victims, to trauma and resiliency to business and schools.  We have transformed our in-person trainings to a 100%
virtual platform during this COVID season.  This new format has pushed our team to create trainings that represent our high standards of interactive, informative, and engaging trainings that participants value and
remain engaged.  

Made to Thrive Resiliency and Wellness Trainings

For Businesses, Educators, Service Provider, Churches and You!

Learn biologically based skills to help you, your clients, and staff learn to self-regulate.  Based on the Community Resiliency Model by the Trauma Resource Institute.  

Better Together 

Resiliency and Wellness skills for Parents and Caregivers.

Ideal for parents, caregivers, service providers and counselors working with children who are looking to expand your tools to include simple everyday biologically skills to help self-regulate and overcome anxiety and stressors.  

Human Trafficking 

A variety of human trafficking trainings to fit your group’s needs. From Understanding Human Trafficking, Signs and Prevention for Youth, to advance multi-day trainings like Lifting The Veil on Human Trafficking, our
certified source for mentors, advocates and service providers. Often bringing in experts and survivors to share with greater understanding. We look at understanding victimization, the psychology behind a trafficker
and trafficking victim with up to date science, and the multifaceted needs of trauma victims as they begin their aftercare and restoration process. 

Youth Related

Our favorite place to be.  Truly.  Our education and prevention Youth trainings involve exposing the signs exploitation, understanding vulnerabilities, looking at the influences of pop culture, hearing real life
stories of local survivors, AND removing labels of judgment so kids can self identify.  With increased anxiety and stressors among our youth, We now offer trauma, resiliency and wellness skills
activities to equip youth to self-regulate and seek additional help as needed.  

Trainings for the Church

Made For Them provides human trafficking awareness trainings to faith-based groups.  We can tailor to meet your time and group needs to for your congregations, ministries, and youth.  Currently, we are working on
The Mind of Christ” training; a faith-based Trauma, Resiliency and Wellness Skills training for churches.