Melissa has a passion for people and a passion for service. She is grateful to have grown up in Fresno (Go Bullard Knights!) earned a Communications degree at the University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!) and laid the foundation for her adult life in the Central Valley. After working in the marketing agency world for 12 years, she chose to move to San Diego to pursue her dreams, to embrace the biotech beach life and to be closer to family. Her favorite times are traveling or cooking with people she loves and connecting with people one-on-one.

This is only the beginning of Melissa’s connection to MadeForThem. She sees herself as a geographic extension of MadeForThem’s mission. As His hands and feet, Melissa sees opportunities for local boutiques to sell MFT merchandise and for the community to support MFT’s mission through attending an event like Art of Freedom. Whatever it takes to make women and children aware that they are valued, they are special, and they are loved.

Little known facts about Melissa: She is a double-jointed classical pianist with a budding interest in landscape photography.