Michelle has been in the Real Estate Industry for more than 20 years, having worked with hundreds of homeowners in the Central Valley.  She is currently serving as Vice President for Image Custom Homes.

Michelle previously served as President of Granville Realty as well as broker overseeing all Granville Homes transactions.  She also operated as Vice President of Sales and   Marketing along with an assortment of unique projects for Granville Homes.  In her   tenure with Granville she worked closely with the “Home of Hope” fundraiser raising over 3.5 million dollars for local non-profits and served on multiple management boards.

Michelle has a bachelor of science in business with an emphasis on Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management.  She is also part of the Woman’s BIA chapter in Fresno, holds a California Real Estate brokers license, and recently passed the state   exam to serve as a Mortgage Loan Originator