Fresno Pacific University pastor and dean of the Office of Spiritual Formation, completed a Ph.D., focusing on preaching and spiritual warfare, at Ecclesia University of Divinity.

Compelled to work with people in need of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; Pastor Angulus has labored in National and International ministries. Pastor Angulus is also the Senior Pastor at new Beginnings Community Baptist Church in  Fresno, CA. He has matriculated through several Universities of higher learning, Fresno Pacific University, Wheaton College, Birmingham Theological Seminary, and Ecclesia University of Divinity. He is an author, professor and practitioner.

Pastor Angulus has a passion for making disciples and equipping saints for the work of ministry. He is the president and founder of the Angelos Biblical Institute, a school of evangelism to help the church to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Angulus is a respected leader in his community and is married to his beautiful wife Sharon, and together they have three sons whom he loves dearly.